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iDRIVE - Mobility Solutions using smart technology for efficient traffic grid
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Hari Hara Sharan Nagalur Subraveti
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Knowledge in Intelligent Transportation Systems Highly Enthusiastic Basic financial knowledge

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iDRIVE - Mobility Solutions using smart technology for efficient traffic grid

The challenge

Technology is giving us a lot of options nowadays. The development of the internet is insane and has changed the way the world is functioning. A new hot topic which focuses on improving efficiency and safety is the usage of smart technology for traffic. Societal costs of traffic jams across the world exceed billions of dollars. The need of the hour is active and efficient traffic management. Intelligent Transport Systems is still a growing field but one which has immense potential. With new and innovative technologies for communication and growth in AI, we can use this to create mobility solutions to tackle this ever-growing problem of traffic congestion. Introducing smart technologies which can actively interact with road users and advice them regarding their driving options can be helpful in tackling the major world-wide problem of traffic congestion.

The solution

By using smart technologies in traffic we can create a better mobility. This is especially interesting for crowded cities with a lot of cars and other traffic. Currently, basic RSUs (roadside units) such as traffic cams exist which can capture the speeds but in this case, the communication is unidirectional (from infrastructure to vehicle). V2i and i2V communication will be beneficial not only for manned vehicles but also for autonomous traffic which we are expecting in the nearby future. Harnessing information using smart technologies like DSRC, bluetooth and GPS, we can estimate and predict traffic conditions and alert/advice drivers regarding what speeds to drive, which lanes to drive on, when to change lanes so as to optimize their travel times and create an efficient traffic grid.

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